The Wastage
The Wastage
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"It is good that war has become so terrible, else we shall grow too fond of it," General Robert E. Lee famously said to his officers as they watched the carnage his cannon made of Union brigades assaulting Marye's Heights at Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The Wastage, a novel by Dean Halliday Smith (aka Ron Smith) is about the mid-winter battle in December, 1862 that almost brought the American government to its knees.  Fredericksburg was the "Valley Forge" for the Army of the Potomac and the national government during the civil war.  It is a must read for those students of the era. 

The movie and book, Gods and Generals, which focused on Confederate General Stonewall Jackson touches on the  battle at Fredericksburg but the focus was on Jackson and not the other major personalities.  Americans who have stood at the stone wall and ima...

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Horatius at the Bridge, publication of the JKBA on Dan McCook
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Daniel McCook was one of two senior general officers of the Union Army that William T. Sherman, in his 1891 memoirs, lamented as irreplacable men.  The other was James B. McPherson, the highest ranking Union officer to die under fire in the civil war.

McCook and Sherman were law partners in Leavenworth Kansas before the war.  Ron Smith has authored another article of the law practice of the pre-statehood lawyers of Kansas.  Read about the law practice, and the deadly fight by McCook's Brigade at the Dead Angle at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, in the June 2014 edition of the Journal of the Kansas Bar Association.  Reprints are available.  Contact the Kansas Bar Association.

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